Website development services

If what you have in mind is a little more advanced than a standard website, our website development team are fully equipped to turn your idea into a fully-functioning online application. Whether you need a simple online tool, or have an idea bigger than Facebook, we can deliver on every level.

We have an advanced understanding of how users interact with online applications which has helped us produce a range of successful custom built online applications, from a mobile optimised profile building tool to a music sales platform that automatically generates waveforms of each track.

Coding standards

All code that is delivered by Pixelwood is produced to the highest standard of quality. The more 'organised' the code, the faster and more reliable the application will be. We take pride in ensuring all application development work meets the high standards that we set ourselves to maintain the quality of our production code for you.

We code all web applications from scratch using our own in-house frameworks allowing us to remain in full control of the quality of the code to increase the reliability and quality of the end product.

Application testing

All functionality on the application will be extensively tested for faults, bugs and vulnerabilities to try and ensure the final product is as robust as possible. We ensure the application is tested with ranging systems, conditions and environments to identify any issues before the application is deployed to a live webserver.

Management interfaces

We are specialists in creating simple solutions to manage complicated tasks. Our management interfaces allow you the full control of your system without the feeling of managing a large and complicated application.

We're happy to work with you to plan and deliver all of the tools you will need to monitor and manage your new application.

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