What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your visitors web viewing devices by your website. They allow websites to offer a better browsing experience, as well as providing important information to you, as the owners of the website.

Commonly cookies are used to anonymously track user interaction with a website but they can also be used to store personal information about an individual website user.

The ICO EU Cookie Law

The ICO have introduced European guidelines that govern how cookies can be used by websites for the storage of information. The focus of the directive is to ensure that the cookies that websites use and why they are used, is made clear to the user.

Cookie Law Compliance

We offer a range of solutions that will ensure that your website complies with the new EU Directive. We can seamlessly integrate cookie management functionality into your existing website ensuring your website is compliant and more importantly, that your users are informed.

For example, view our cookie compliance page.

FREE Cookie Audit

One of our developers can conduct a cookie audit of your website for free and suggest a sensible solution to ensure that you're compliant - Contact cookie-law@pixelwood.co.uk

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